The 21st edition of Himalayan excursion  will be Launched on 1st April 2014, with its first batch for Class X students from Central India. 

The concept of Himalayan Excursion was  developed by Outdoor Centre for Promotion of Adventure sports and Nature Study in 1994. Since then , this idea was nourished with the experiences of experts in the field of adventure activities across the country.

The Nagpur Chapter of National Adventure Foundation provided opportunities by giving sponsorships to students to participate in these programs . This helped the Himalayan Excursion programs to experiment the designs for differant age groups and working at  differant locations.

The programs were mostly on experimental  basis . Over a period of time , these programs were evolved as a complete experience of knowing the Himalaya  in a rewarding way.

The association of Outward Bound Bharat trust took a leap in making Himalayan Excursion, a flagship program of Outward Bound for the year 2007 to 2010. With the inputs from Outbound philosophy, the Himalayan Excursion programs could set notable standards in program delivery.

Himalayan Excursion 2014 will be designed  to address the personal  needs of the participants. The personality traits will be measured through the internationally accredited tools.

lMrs Bimla Negi Deoskar, Member, Indian Mountaineering Foundation, and President NAF Chapter Nagpur will coordinate the Himalayan Excursion for the year 2014.